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"A truly revered saxophonist...Tom Braxton is highly respected by both the world-class artists he performs with and the fans that watch him play!  With a tone that is rich and distinctive, thereís no wonder why this star player commands attention.  Tomís highly anticipated 8th solo release, THE NEXT CHAPTER, is a feel-good, body moviní, soulfully positive collection of tunes...a guaranteed chart topper!"

~ ~

"Tom is back with a new album, and it sounds just right...I get a feeling of joy and positive energy from listening to it. Highly recommended."

~ SmoothJazz Europe ~

"One of smooth jazz's most prolific saxophonists...he has all the required tools to become a major force."

~ ~

"One of the most respected and loved sax men in Smooth Jazz...Tom Braxton is a treasure...incredibly talented composer, producer, and musician."

~ ~

"I was looking forward to performing with Tom Braxton on the Smooth Jazz Cruise because I had heard so many great things about him.  But he exceeded even my high expectations and challenged me with his soulful heartfelt playing.  He is my kind of musician!  Whether interpreting my music, or performing his own originals with his band on the ship, he nailed everything and projected what seemed like unlimited energy!  I can't wait to play with him again.  I'm a fan!!"

~ Bob James ~
Jazz Legend and Grammy Award-Winning Keyboardist

"Tom Braxton is one of my favorite sax players."

~ Kirk Whalum ~
Grammy Award-Winning Saxophonist

"Sax-man Braxton is a master of smooth, sophisticated contemporary jazz."

~ Smooth Jazz Therapy ~

"Braxton is clearly destined for major solo success."

~ Smooth Jazz Vibes ~

"Tom is a favorite of our audiences every year here at the Texas Jazz Festival in Corpus Christi.  He plays great music and is a wonderful person.  We love him!"

~ Dr. Jeff Stannard ~
Texas Jazz Festival Society
Corpus Christi, Texas

"Once you've heard the sweet sound of Tom Braxton's horn, you'll never forget it!  That's why he has a standing invitation to play for Tulsa's Jazz on Greenwood!"

~ Barbara Swiggart, President ~
Bok/Williams Jazz on Greenwood Celebration
Tulsa, Oklahoma

"After Tom Braxton performed at our Cactus Jazz & Blues Festival, fans lined up for two hours to get his autograph.  He was also excellent at the school workshops."

~ Nancy Loving, Executive Director ~
San Angelo Cultural Affairs Council
San Angelo, Texas

"When I'm on the road, Tom is the saxophonist I want to have with me...I love that sweet sound he gets on the horn."

~ Wayman Tisdale ~
Bass Guitarist and Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Famer

"Endless packed with superior sax work that epitomizes the very essence and spirit of smooth jazz.  Tom Braxton...clearly is a student of the 'fine china' of good jazz, and it's on full display here."

~ The Smooth Jazz Ride ~

"With an outstanding array of instrumentalists and vocalists in support, Braxton uses the ten superb tracks of 'Endless Highway' to take the listener on a groove-oriented excursion that, consistent with the best of the genreís current offerings, shimmers with a delightful urban sophistication...The CD is another significant step on Tom Braxton's 'endless highway' and comes highly recommended."

~ Smooth Jazz Therapy ~

"The album draws attention to Braxtonís mellifluous tonality and easy flowing narrations as he displays multiple tiers to his talent as a composer, producer and arranger...When Braxton puts himself into his music he does so with everything he has.  His jovial mood in the tracks pumps positive vibes into the listenerís ears and puts one in a very bright state of being...Endless Highway radiates happiness in every track."

~ JazzTimes ~

"Smooth jazz with bite from the vet sax man, this set kicks off in high gear, not worrying about fitting the format and is about as far from wall paper as you can get...this is an enjoyable winner that was made as a great soundtrack for cruising with the top down, even if only in your own headphones.  An enjoyable ride no matter how you take it, this is certainly a must to check out."

~ Midwest Record ~


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